5 Things Friday

This post is going to be without links because I’m sitting in Maui on my tablet and too lazy to try to handle something that complicated.  I’m disgustingly considering putting an “excuse the typos” disclaimer because I can’t type on this thing.  Oh, please do excuse the typos anyways, I’m sure one will slip.

Since I boarded a jet plane in Oakland this morning, I thought that the items that make travel more bearable would be appropriate.  I also haven’t been in Maui long enough to post my fave places here or anything that cool.  Now I don’t consider myself a normal traveler, I don’t dislike flying, it makes me excited.  Living near an airport, I get excited for people on the planes landing in my city – thinking about what they’re going to discover and fall in love with.  Flying is not easy for most; after getting through security, it’s enough to make even the most optimistic unicorn cry with frustration.  

So getting on the plane this morning, here are the items that made me happy:

1.  Earphones and music – should be simple right?  I got these great Truenergy headphones from my last Fab Fit Fun box; they have a secondary port so your honey could plug in and listen with you.  These would have been great for our trip back from Costa Rica when Dave rented Wolverine.  I would have watched with him but I didn’t want to pay for my own seat to play it so I read in silence instead.  Also, they blocked noise when I was trying to sleep and wasn’t listening to my music.  Oh, and the grooves I chose to bring?  Ed Sheeran, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Fleetwood Mac.  

2.  Pillows – specifically the fom pillow from Brookstone.  These were an impulse buy at the Houston Airport in December and I’ve been so pleased with them!  I say them because they sell them 2 for $30 and we each got one.  My gut actually told me I needed it and I use it in hotels to sleep on since it contours to my neck.  I can’t lug the large, contoured pillow I normally use and hotel pillows hurt me since I have a disc injury.  These are wonderful and easy to transport, I kept the cover and hook it to my carry on and no one bugs me about it.  Dave uses his for his lower back during flights and since I haven’t heard him in pain, I’d say that’s win #2 for these babies!  I also bring an inflatable U shaped neck pillow for sleeping while in the air.

3.  Contoured sleep mask – I look like a bug with it on but it seriously blocks out all the light!  I can even open my eyes with it on which is kinda nice and I’m not really sure why I feel the need for it but I do it.  I even use this at home since we’re not always on the same schedule; Dave can use his tablet and I’m not kept up by the bright light.  I’ve seen fancy ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond but I got mine from Amazon for about $4 and they came with a pouch that I use for my glasses when I put the mask on.  I’ve also found the pouch to be handy when carrying my eye mask, headphones, and ear plugs all together.  Of course mine are all bright pink!

4.  Kindle – this is a given!  I used to carry at least 5 books with me on every trip or even to the park on a Saturday morning which gets heavy; I would also seek out bookstores while I was on vacation.  While it’s kind of nice looking at my copy of A Confederacy of Dunces on my bookshelf and remembering the trip to Tahoe it was acquired on, it’s really fabulous buying the next book of a series from a sailboat on San Francisco Bay.  I will still bring a paperback to the beach but my Kindle which brings the literary world gift-wrapped in lovely pink leather to my fingertips is priceless to me.

5.  Water – seems like a given but sometimes I forget to buy a bottle on the other side of security and I regret it.  I hate using the toilet on the plane but flying makes me dehydrated and then the jet lag feels more like a nasty hangover than just being worn out.  I think on my next trip I might bring a collapsible water bottle and fill it at the fountain to save $5.  Do they still have fountains?

So what are your travel must-haves?  I could think of a few others like reward point memberships, my Barclay arrival card which gives me great rewards, a great duffle bag that  holds the world, coats that are easy to pack, chewable airborne, and more.  I guess I’ll need to write a follow up blog!  I will have to fly home and we’re flying out 3 days later for Vegas so all input is welcome as I will be able to see if your routine items enhance my experience!