This is not a real post

You know when your mother in law has your father in law call you so she can ask you to bring your grill pan to cook Christmas dinner and you politely try to remind her that your pan is the smallest size and ask how long the roast is to avoid a disaster like that time she said she was buying small filets and ended up buying huge New Yorks that didn’t cook right and your hubby blamed you and so you ask how long the roast is and she says, “Three and a half pounds?”  

Oh you don’t have those moments?  How about when she asks you about bringing cauliflower for dinner “because you know David has to have cauliflower with his meals” and your husband is scream whispering “I don’t even like cauliflower!” next to you on the couch because she wants to avoid a situation like Thanksgiving when you spent hours preparing a cauliflower dish she asked you to bring only to have her serve almost the same dish but with green beans and no one ate the damn cauliflower?

And she asked for a paring knife but my father in law got on the phone and then told us not to buy her one.  So we did.  Christmas tomorrow with the in-laws!  Hope it’s better than the little boys coat my mom bought Dave!  (Just kidding mom!  He loves the coat that will never fit.)


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